Working with dance and circus in a creative and playful way, Franzelle engages in projects where she can support in making a change happen. Here follows an overview of projects she has taken the initiative for this far.

a3 poster for webTANZMANEGE! - AUTUMN 2016
Tanzmanege travels through Dresden! This time we explore three different artistic venues and meet other young eager dancers to create together with them.
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poster_hort_a3+3mm_300dpiTANZMANEGE! - SUMMER 2015

It’s about to kick off again! The 3rd of August Tanzmanege! comes back to Gorbitz. This time we are not letting ourselves become constrained to the walls of the sportshall, instead we move out exploring, performing and reinventing every little corner of Gorbitz! See more

With pedagogical tools from dance, circus and theatre as well as community building methods the project aimed to create an increased awareness about gender issues. A group of 9-10 yo got to dance, play, perform and discuss gender. At the end of the process they presented the work in a 20 minute long performance for relatives and schoolmates. More info and video
Tanzmanege posterTANZMANEGE! - WINTER 2015

In “Tanzmanege! - Ferienspaß mit Tanz und Zirkus” 40 kids from Hort Tintenklecks in Gorbitz (Dresden, Germany) got the change to work intensively with dance and circus. Focusing on creativity, ownership and cooperation, the kids created an interactive performance in the sports hall of their school where they showed what they’ve found during the week. More info and video

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